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Sundays River Adventures was born in December of 2011 . What make this trip unique is it starts with a scenic boat cruise on the Sundays River to reach the famous Alexandria Coastal Dune field which is the largest, most impressive and least degraded dune field in South Africa and arguably one of the most spectacular in the world.

The dunes comprise of an area of approximately 14 000 ha of unvegetated and 1 800 dunes. It stretched for 50 km from Sundays River Mouth to beyond Woody Cape and is 2.2 km wide on average. It ranges from 140m high dunes right down to the beach and is comprised of bare and vegetated dunes, bush pockets and dune slacks. The dunefield is Holocene (0-10 000 years) in age and thus was initiated during the latter stages of the Postglacial Transgression when sea-level rise from 150m, 18 000 years Before Present.

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Karl Botha
Cell : 0711 85 6565 / 0665457729
Email - book@sundaze.co.za

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