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2 Hour Beach Horse Trail (Intermediate Riders)

Jeffreys Bay

Activity Description

Experienced guides escort riders twice daily along the 13km circular route. The trail takes about two hours to complete, leading through beautiful fynbos coastal vegetation, towards the Gamtoos river with breathtaking views from the dunes and finally returning along a 6 km stretch of deserted beach. Here on this isolated beach, riders can canter their mounts in the shallows or have an exhilarating gallop on the sand.

The trail provides magnificent views of the area and affords ample opportunity to spot a variety of bird species, tortoises, bushbuck, plant and marine life. Imagine whale watching from horseback!

You may see seals basking in the sun and the rare African Black Oystercatcher is always to be found near the Gamtoos river mouth.

The guides escort every group and assist riders in selecting horses just right for their respective capabilities. This outride is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders, though in quiet times, we also accommodate first timers and beginners. Experienced riders can choose not to go with a guide and have the freedom to explore the valley at their own pace.

If You have different experience riders in the group – please make separate bookings for Beginner, Intermediate & Experienced Riders. Riders of different experience will have the same departure time but will have horses that suit their skill and group will be split into rider capabilities during the trail


Duration2 hours
WhenAll year round. Closed on Christmas and New Years Day.
WherePapiesfontein Horse Trails: Coming from Jeffreys Bay. Take the main road (Da Gama Rd). Drive north until you get to an intersection. Turn right. Drive 5 kilometers and you will find a clearly marked gate into Papiesfontein Horse Trails on the right. Coming from Cape Town direction. Take the "Jeffreys Bay" turn-off from the N2 and turn right. At the Fountains Circle turn left onto the R102. Follow the road for 10 km and you will find a clearly marked gate into Papiesfontein Horse Trails on the right. Coming from Port Elizabeth direction. Take the "Jeffreys Bay East" turn-off from the N2 and turn left. Turn right onto the R102 at the T-junction. 5 kilometres further on you will find a clearly marked gate into Papiesfontein Horse Trails on the left.
WeatherThis service can take place in most weather conditions. If it rains on the day, please contact us to move the service to a new slot.
What to WearWear closed shoes and long pants
Things to BringCamera, Water bottle, Sunblock & Spirit
Guests or SpectatorsGuests are welcome to wait at the starting point.


Minimum Age10 years
Minimum Height0.0 m
Maximum Height0.0 m
Fitness LevelNo Fitness Requirement
QualificationsNot Applicable
Maximum Weight115.0 kg
CertificationNone Required
Experience LevelIntermediate

Inclusions and Exclusions


Saddles : McClellan Saddles
Safety: Helmets & Chaps Provided

ExclusionsItems of a personal nature


If You have different experience riders in the group – please make separate bookings for Beginner, Intermediate & Experienced Riders. Riders of different experience will have the same departure time but will have horses that suit their skill and group will be split into rider capabilities during the trail

Weight 115kg Max
Baby sitting option for children under 8 – for the same price, children will have a 2 hour horse experience at Base Camp.

Customer Reviews

This was something I was looking forward to doing for months but, sadly, it was a great disappointment. Having contacted the stables well in advance, it was decided my level was between Beginner/Intermediate, i.e. Novice, and I was assured a suitable horse would be provided for the ride. On the day, I was part of a group of 5 (2 Novice & 3 Advanced riders) with 2 Guides. The route to the beach was easy, but the difference in abilities was clear and the more advanced riders were keen to get galloping on the beach. Both myself and the other Novice rider were slightly uncomfortable and, before we reached the beach, I asked if the group would be divided into 2 groups, and was told "no" and was then asked "You are ok with the canter?" to which I answered "yes". As the more advanced riders set off at a gallop (not a canter), my horse, and the other novice's horse, also set off at great speed. When I commented to the Guide that it was the fastest I had ever ridden and my horse did not respond to my aids, I was told "Don't worry, he will realise you do not want to go that fast and adjust his speed", which he did to some extent on the next two gallops along the beach, but no way was I in control and was obviously only along for the ride. We left the beach to pick up the path back to the stables - this section of the route was undulating and uneven and the horses picked up speed again, and I had to shout that I was not happy travelling at speed under these conditions. I have no doubt that the horse selected for me was reliable, but I got the impression that the horses and Guides were on autopilot and not interested in the clients. At the end of the ride, the Guides untacked the horses. There was no verbal intercourse or asking how you found the ride, no "thank you" or "goodbye". I was quite glad the ride lasted 90 minutes rather than the advertised 2 hours and will put the event down to experience rather than pleasure. - Helen Goodhew

We were greeted with a warm welcome. sign in and collection of safety gear went smoothly and quickly. The riding party was mixed with folk of various experience levels. Everyone does the same trail, there are trail hands separating the three experience levels allowing the more experienced riders to pull ahead at a canter or gallop without affecting the less experienced riders. The scenery was beautiful starting off on a Jeep trail in the bush, mostly at a trot or walk. After a steep climb up a dune the party hits the beach where the fun begins. Here, depending on the riders experience one goes for three long stretches of galloping or cantering. The weather played along and the horses racing along the beach, water lapping at their hooves was an experience I will cherish for years to come. The ride then slows to trots and walks as the party enters the bush to return to the starting point. The horses were well behaved and one never felt at risk. Thanks to the Papiesfontein team for a memorable experience. - Timothy Kidson

Wow wow wow.. I booked this for my husband and I to do over the long weekend. I ride horses often, and know how to ride, my husband doesn't ride horses. We arrived at the horse trail,we got our riding helmets, the horses were being tacked up. They are all in great condition, and look happy. The guide put us on horses that match our riding experience. The ride starts off rather casual, and you do a trot up a hill. The closer you get to the beach, the more excited I got. We went up a massive sand dune - once at the top, you get a breathtaking view of the massive beach, and the blue sea. It was incredible. The horses then go into a canter, as you make your way to the beach. Once you are on the beach and on the harder sand, the horses go into a gallop... Its incredible to gallop on the beach. feel the salt water hit your face, and the wind in your hair. I loved every minute. My husband was very nervous at first, but once he calmed himself down, he managed to enjoy it. He even agreed that it was a bit scary, but definitely an experience he would do again. Every time we come to this area of SA, we will be doing this! - Samantha McKinley

My Sister and I cannot stop talking about it. It was one of the best experiences we have ever had. It was more than we expected. Our guide was also tops. Please look after our horse friends. Love Robbie, Diane and Cheryl - Cheryl Moore

An incredible ride in incredible surrounds. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was initially a little concerned when I was allocated to Blommetijie, who plodded along on the path, not looking very interested in life, the universe or anything. But boy, when we hit the beach, she got a glint in her eye and we went for the most amazing gallop until she slowed down only because she got tired. We cantered and trotted the rest of the way until hitting the walking area where she went back to trail pony mode.On the beach there was no stopping her. This is NOT a ride for inexperienced riders (unless you are fearless and have exceptional balance). On your website you should explain what a beginner, intermediate and advanced rider is. ie Beginner - ridden a horse only on trail rides. Do not know what a posting trot is about. This is you if, when the horse goes into a trot (second gear), you start hitting the saddle hard, have no way to control it and are hanging onto the saddle for dear life. Intermediate: Have been taught how to trot and canter and understand how to control a horse. Can ride without holding onto the saddle and are not pulling on your horse's mouth. Advanced: Can jump fences, can handle a bucking rearing beast and turn it back into a trail pony. Most important - tell them not to lie about their ability. Putting a beginner rider with intermediate riders is frustrating for the latter and terrifying for the beginner. Three people on our ride were beginners although I think they had booked the intermediate ride. I had to ask the guide to shorten the stirrups of one person just before we hit the beach as they were too long for him. This should have been sorted out by the guide when mounting. While two of these people handled a canter on the beach, the third person was feeling very insecure on her horse which just wanted to gallop. The guide had to stay behind with her to try and calm her horse into a walk so that the rest of the group could take off. We then found our own way back and they arrived 15 minutes later. Had this person understood what an intermediate rider is, she may have had a more pleasant beginner ride and not held back the rest of the group. I did feel that they took advantage of the fact that there were two experienced riders in the group who could take responsibility for the front group. That is not good safety practice for a group of 6 riders. There should ideally have been two guides. One to lead and another to handle the problem horses and scared riders. Inevitably there will be at least one. Given a group of riders with similar experience, this is a fantastic ride. I came out with a sore bum (their saddles have no padding for the nether regions, so you will feel the hard bits) but with a huge grin. I would love to do this ride again. - Janine Luders

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